Contest 11Q3 Pictures

Here are pictures of our ten finalists. From this page, click either on the Facebook image or on the image to go to the web site you choose. View pictures of each project and vote for one -- "Like" on Facebook, "Admire" on

patrick-pwm11q3-1273.jpg deborah-pwm11q3-1276.jpg jr-pwm11q3-1283-s.jpg
bruce-pwm11q3-1284.jpg facebook-vote-on-facebook.jpg bill-pwm11q3-1275.jpg
emmett-pwm11q3-1285.jpg vote-on-prowood-custommade.jpg shandi-pwm11q3-1271.jpg
tammi-pwm11q3-1274.jpg chris-pwm11q3-1278.jpg john-pwm11q3-1270.jpg