Wood Brace 67T7

Product Line:
Brace - 67
1 1/2" - 6"
  • Wood Brace 67T7
  • Wood Brace 67T7
  • Wood Brace 67T7
  • Wooden Brace Installed
  • Wooden Bracket 07T5 Installed
  • Wooden Brace 67T7
Price: $35.00


Our Handcrafted Wooden Brace 67T7 is made of solid Western Red Cedar Timber. Dimensions on this Brace in smooth finish are: Projection 12”, Height 12”, Thickness 3 1/2”. For more detailed information, see Product Specifications.

The smooth option provides a paintable or stainable finish and the rough is a more rustic stainable finish. Wooden braces are designed solely to add a decorative look to your project and enhance the overall appearance. They do not include the body like a bracket does, therefore the support aspect is much less than what a bracket provides. We also carry an assortment of screws and plugs for an easy installation process.

Applications: Cedar wooden braces can be used to accent front entries, porch columns, decks, gables, gazebos, pergolas and soffit areas. We are confident that you will not find a higher quality product on the market anywhere.

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