Wood Bracket 01T5

Product Line:
Brackets - 01
5 1/2"
Brace Thickness:
5 1/2"
Brace Setting:
Body Timber:
5 1/2" x 5 1/2"
  • Wooden Brackets 01T5
  • Wooden Brackets 01T5
  • Wooden Brackets 01T5
  • Wooden Bracket 01T1 Installed 1
  • Wooden Bracket 01T1 Installed 2
  • Wooden Bracket 01T1 Installed 3
  • Wooden Bracket 01T1 Installed 4
  • Wooden Bracket 01T1 Installed Detail
  • Wooden Bracket 01-T1 Install Detail_2
  • Wooden Bracket 01-T1 Install Detail_3
Price: $381.00


Our Handcrafted Wood Bracket 01T5 is made of solid Western Red Cedar Timbers in the USA. Cedar timbers have unique natural colors, grains, tight knots and textures. All of our Cedar Brackets are built to last, joined with screws or bolts depending on the size of the bracket and assuring strong bonding we using a special exterior grade glue. For additional strength you can order our structural bracket, please call our customer support for pricing and ordering information. All products are an unfinished Red Western Cedar Bracket. When ordered with Smooth Finish option, the bracket will come ready for paint, stain or Solid-Color Stain. Rough Finish option is best for stain or Solid-Color Stain.

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