Wood Corbel 32T5

Product Line:
Corbel - 32
9 in
10 3/4 in
  • Wood Corbel 32T5
  • Wood Corbel 32T5
  • Wood Corbel 32T5
  • Wood Corbel 32T5
Price: $75.00


Our Handcrafted Wooden Corbel 32T6 is made of solid Western Red Cedar Timber. Dimensions on this Corbel in smooth finish are: Projection 9”, Height 10 3/4”, Thickness 3 1/2”. For more detailed information, see Product Specifications.

The smooth option provides a paintable or stainable finish and the rough is a more rustic stainable finish. Corbels are designed solely to add a decorative look to your project and enhance the overall appearance. Corbels are not structural but do lend some support for kitchen countertops and fireplace mantels. We also carry an assortment of screws and plugs for an easy installation process.

Applications: Cedar wooden corbels are generally used to accent exterior soffit, front entries, front porch, porch columns, gables, fireplace mantel, range hoods and granite countertops.

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