Wooden Brackets Diagram

Wooden Brackets are made out of solid Western Red Cedar timber. Brackets can be used in a wide variety of exterior and interior applications. Customers use our cedar brackets to accent exterior soffit, front entries, front porches, columns,gables and more. Each one of our brackets includes a brace along with a body casing that provides a much bolder look than just a brace alone. All of our products are available in smooth or rough sawn finish, and can be custom made to accommodate your specifc requirements.



(T) Thickness - Width left to right when looking at the face of the bracket.
(P) Projection - The distance out from the wall / post to the end of the bracket.
(H) Height - The distance down from the header to the bottom of the bracket
(BD) Body Depth - The distance front to back on the body section of the bracket that attaches to the wall/post
(BF) Body Face - The face of the bracket
(BT) Brace Thickness - The width left to right on the brace when looking at the face of the bracket.
(B) Brace - The center curved/straight piece that joins the 2 body sections together